Non-Motorized Plan Passed

Walk to the bus stop or store, bike to work, take the baby out in the stroller, bike ride with your kids, jog or take the dog for a walk. Do you live without a car by necessity or by choice? 

Kalamazoo Township is on the road / sidewalk to making this a more livable community. You can find more information on the benefits, to you and your community, of non-motorized transportation by clicking the following links:   Bicycling     Sidewalks 
The Township's Non-Motorized/Active Transportation Plan is available for you to view, just Click Here.

Please send your comments to Supervisor Donald D. Martin at supervisor@ktwp.org.

Responsibility for Roads

While townships in many other states have primary responsibility for local roads, in Michigan the county road commissions and townships share transportation-related responsibilities. Road commissions (and county boards of commissioners where road commission duties have been assumed by the county board) are responsible for maintenance and construction of local roads, while townships are responsible for non-transportation uses of road rights of way, sub-surface rights of way usage such as utilities and communication systems, and law enforcement. In spite of state law assigning maintenance and construction responsibility to road commissions, the state transportation fund doesn’t provide sufficient financial resources for road commissions to perform their responsibilities at a level acceptable to everyone. Consequently, township boards voluntarily contribute over $150 million per year to their county road commissions to support road projects in their respective townships.

Road and Drain Work Update

In 2018 the Township, working with the Road Commission finished the last two streets that were paid for under our bond proposal, did maintenance on several other streets,  and repaired several sections of sidewalk that had lifted or had holes. Road, drain and sidewalk work are wrapped up for 2018. Check back here in late winter/early spring to see what's slated for next year.

Keeping Sidewalks Clear

Please keep in mind that keeping sidewalks clear does not just mean clear of snow. Please keep bushes and grass from impeding sidewalk traffic. It is especially important to maintain the full width of the sidewalk in order to accommodate wheelchairs and strollers. You can be ticketed for not keeping your sidewalk clear. Click here for more information.

Walkers please be courteous to those who are responsible for the sidewalks. Don't litter and please pick up after your dog. 

It’s been proven that walking is good for your health both physical and mental.  More and more research is showing the importance of getting out of our chairs and going for a walk. Some people have no choice but to walk or use a wheelchair to get from place to place. It has also been found that home values increase in areas that are considered “walkable”. Please do your part to keep our sidewalks and trails in good repair and we'll try to make sure you have good sidewalks and trails to use.