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What You Should Know About Your Charter Township of Kalamazoo

The origin of Kalamazoo Township (first known as Arcadia Township) dates back to April 3, 1832, when the first meeting of qualified voters was held to organize a government for this area. This meeting was held at the home of Titus Bronson. Until the 1900’s, meetings were held only a few times a year.

When Michigan became a state in 1837, there were 1,373 residents in Kalamazoo Township. The 1870’s and 1880’s brought waves of modernization to Kalamazoo Township. Paper and furniture production, manufacturing of carts and carriages, and the introduction of celery as a major agricultural crop made Kalamazoo the center of commerce in this region.

As we passed through the 1900’s and up to the present date, the range and quality of services provided by Kalamazoo Township became more extensive and refined. These services include: a police department, four fire stations, complete building and inspection services as well as a planning and zoning board and bimonthly board meetings to ensure a healthy future for our Township. As a result of such foresight, the future looks bright for the Charter Township of Kalamazoo and its residents.


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