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Township Assessor's Office


James Yonker

1 (269) 381-8083 Ext. 118/119
1720 Riverview Drive
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49004

Understanding Assessing and Assessed Values

The Township has an Assessor's Office that is responsible for administering the property tax laws of the State of Michigan. The Assessor's Office prepares the assessment roll for properties within the Township.

Some things to keep in mind about Assessed Values & Taxable Values

  • Your taxes are based on your Taxable Value.
  • Your Assessed Value represents approximately half of what we believe the property to be worth.
  • Your Taxable Value can never exceed your assessed value.
  • Your Taxable Value can only increase at the rate of inflation or 5%, whichever is lower UNLESS there is a physical change to your property or there is a transfer of ownership.
  • The annual changes in your Assessed Value are based on studies and sales of the properties in similar neighborhoods
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