How do I vote at my polling place?

  1. Sign-in with election workers to receive your ballot.
  2. Go to the voting booth and remove your ballot from the secrecy sleeve.
  3. Using only the provided writing device, fill in the ovals next to the candidates and initiatives you want to vote for. Be certain to check the reverse side of the ballot.
  4. If you wish to write-in a candidate, write the full name of the candidate in the lines provided. Then fill in the oval next to your write-in candidate’s name.
  5. For Primary Elections, vote for candidates in only one party. You may NOT split your ticket. This is NOT true in General Elections. You may vote for any political party or parties you wish.
  6. To ensure privacy, put your ballot back in its secrecy sleeve.
  7. Walk toward the voting machine where an election worker will remove the numbered tab from the top of your ballot. With just the remaining top or your ballot sticking out of the sleeve insert the ballot into the machine. The machine will automatically take the ballot.
  8. If the voting device beeps, look at the screen. It advises what problem was encountered with your ballot. Election Workers are available to assist you in solving the problem.
  9. You might be asked if you want to complete a new ballot. You may choose to accept the ballot as is, but your vote in the race with the problem will not be counted. If you voted in the Primary Election for candidates in different parties, the entire candidate section of your ballot will not be counted.
  10. If your ballot is rejected and you want to vote again, you will be provided with a new ballot. The “spoiled” ballots are retained in a special envelope.

If you have any questions, please ask one of the Election Workers. They are there to help you vote. They are not permitted to advise you on who or what to vote for, they are only permitted to advise you on the mechanics of how to cast your vote.

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