FAQ Topic: Township Services

What should I do if I missed leaf and brush pickup?

If you missed leaf and brush pick up, you can: Take them in bags to a drop-off site, where you empty your bags for a modest fee at: Republic Services Transfer Station, 3432 Gembrit Circle (269) 216-8000 Best Way Transfer Station, 2606 Miller Road (800) 950-5519 Mulders Landscaping, 3333 Ravine Road (269) 345-6900 Compost them … Continued

What are the rates for garbage pickup?

Medium-size garbage cart (65) gallons: $27.53/quarter or $110.12/year This default size is a popular, flexible sized option Large-size garbage cart (95 gallons: $27.94/quarter  or $111.36/year A yard waste cart (95 gallon), if elected, costs $105.00 per season (April through November)

How do I start garbage or yard waste service?

To start service, please call Republic Services customer service at (888) 249-5112 or your local Republic Services Account Representative at (269) 216-8000.  You may also start your services by visiting the Republic Services website.

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