Recycling & Waste Program

Kalamazoo Township coordinates competitive contracts for the following collection services.

Recycling, bulk trash, seasonal leaf and brush pickup, and access to hazardous waste drop-off site are funded by a special assessment. 

Any missed bulk or recycling pickups should be reported to the Township before the end of the next business day.

For weekly garbage pick up (or optional, weekly yard waste pick up), residents pay Republic Service.


Curbside Pick up occurs every-other-week for 1-4-uni housing structures and some condominiums, using a wheeled cart.  No sorting is required
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Garbage Collection
Pick up occurs each week for 1-4-unit housing structures, using a wheeled cart.
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Seasonal Leaf and Brush Pick up
Leaves and brush are picked up curbside the first full week in May   and the weeks before and after Thanksgiving.
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Yard Waste - Weekly Pick up
Residents can subscribe for a modest fee with Republic Services (1-877-268-3867 or 216-8000) for weekly pick up of leaves, brush, small limbs, and grass clippings, using a wheeled cart.  Pick up occurs from April through November. 
Bulk Trash 
Curbside pick up occurs 3 times per year in April, July, and October for 1-4-unit housing structures.
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Household Hazardous Waste
A drop off site near the County Fairgrounds is open typically three days per week.
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Concerning tree clean up:
  • For Kalamazoo County Road Commission Tree Removal Policy Click Here
  • For Consumers Energy Tree Removal Policies Click Here
  • Please check the yellow pages or search for tree removal services on the internet


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