In our newsletter there was a mistake with the wording on Recreational Fires: The sentence that reads. Fire needs to be 25 feet within any structure. What was meant to say is fires need to be 25 feet away from any structure.   The Master plan for 2023  is on the Planning Zoning page for public participation.                                             

Fire Department Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness Tips

As the Township moves from the use of the emergency warning sirens, residents should take the time to become more familiar with planning ahead for disasters.  The increased push for family preparedness is an important first step to assist with the recovery of our community in the event of a disaster. 

The Department of Homeland Security manages a website that was developed to provide citizens with the tools training and information that is needed to become more prepared.  Please visit for more information on disaster preparedness and early emergency warning programs available to you. 

The Township of Kalamazoo will continue to provide additional emergency preparedness information and local resources via the township website.

Purchase a Weather Radio

Weather radios are now available for purchase at our cost ($25.00).  Please respond to the Township of Kalamazoo Administration Building at 1720 Riverview Drive to purchase a radio.

Warning Sirens Discontinued

The Township of Kalamazoo has a total of nine pole-mounted emergency warning sirens.  There is one siren at each of the four fire stations and five additional sirens located within the township.  The sirens located at the fire stations were installed in the 1960’s and the five additional sirens located within the township were donated by the Palisades Power Plant in 2004 after about fifteen years of service at their original location.

Due to the age of the emergency warning sirens, there are currently no parts available and all temporary maintenance options to keep the warning sirens in a working and reliable condition have been exhausted.  The cost to replace the nine pole-mounted warning sirens is approximately $250,000.  This figure does not include placing any additional sirens that are needed to provide for a more inclusive coverage of Kalamazoo Township.

After much research and many discussions, it has been determined that the best course of action is to discontinue the use of the emergency warning sirens within the Township of Kalamazoo.  This decision was mainly based on the availability of newer technologies in long range weather forecasting and early alert warning programs currently available with cell phones, computers, and commercially available weather alert receivers.

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