Fee Schedule

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Planning and Zoning Fee Schedule

Special Uses Applications

Special Use Application$600 + $1000 escrow
Amendment$600 + $1000 escrow

Site Plan Applications

Special Meeting$600 + $1000 escrow
Site Plan Amendment - Major$600 + $3600 escrow
Site Plan Amendment - Minor$300 + $1800 escrow
Preliminary Site Sketch Plan/Concept Plan$500 escrow
Cell Towers$1000*

Site Plan Review

<6 Dwelling Units or <1,500 s.f.$600 + $3600 escrow
6-99 Dwelling Units or 1,501 s.f. to 50,000 s.f.$720 + $3600 escrow
100 Dwelling Units or >50,001 s.f.$840 + $3600 escrow
Plat/Condominiums$1080 + $2000 escrow

Residential Permits

Residential Accessory Building - 200 s.f. and under$100
Residential Accessory Building - 201 s.f. or larger$100
Residential Administrative Approval$100
Home Occupation$250
Home-Based Business$600 + $1000 escrow

Commercial Permits

Zoning Approval where no Building Permit is Required$100
Sign Permit/Approval$110
Temporary Sign$100

Zoning Board of Appeals

Variance Request$600 + $500 escrow
Ordinance Interpretation by ZBA$600 + $500 escrow
Sign Variance$600 + $1000 escrow
Special Meeting - Zoning Board of Appeals$600 + $550 escrow

Zoning or Master Plan Amendments

Rezoning Map Amendment$600 + $1800 escrow
Text Amendment$600 + $1800 escrow
Master Plan Amendment$600 + $1800 escrow

Other Fees

Zoning Verification Letter$100
Land Division$120 + $450 escrow
Used Car Dealership - Annual$120
Salvage Yard$120
Temporary Use - Less than 30 days$180
Temporary Use - 30 days or more$360
Entertainment - Annual$120
Sand, Gravel, Other Mineral - Annual$120
Rental Home Permit for 2 years$120
Collection/Donation Box, No Bin$120
Failure to Obtain a PermitDouble
Pre-Application Conference with the Township Planner, Zoning Administrator, and Fire Marshal during Planner's office hours.**$100 per hour
Pre-Application Conference with the Township Planner, Zoning Administrator, and Fire Marshal outside of Planner's office hours.**$300 per hour
Conceptual Review by Planning Commission or Township Board (per Article 26 Section 26.02.C.2.)See corresponding fees above

**Note: Any extra consultation or review outside of this meeting may require additional fees and escrow payment (per Article 26 Section 26.02.C.1.)


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