FAQ Topic: Elections

What are Voter Assist Terminals?

Voter assist terminals are touch-screen, accessible machines that print your voting selections on a ballot card that you can verify before you feed it into the tabulator. Anyone may use the voter assist terminals.  Watch the video to learn more!

Where do I find election information?

Election information for Michigan voters can be found at the Michigan Voter Information Center (state.mi.us) online.  Election information for Kalamazoo Township voters can be found here: Elections – Charter Township of Kalamazoo, MI (proudcity.com).

What is on the ballot for the upcoming election?

This page will show you a sample ballot for any precinct in the State for the upcoming election. You can view your own sample ballot by checking the voter information section of this website.

How do I run for public office?

To find more information about how to file for public office, candidate filing requirements, and submission deadlines, please visit the following link: Secretary of State – Filing for Office.

How do I vote at my polling place?

Sign-in with election workers to receive your ballot. Go to the voting booth and remove your ballot from the secrecy sleeve. Using only the provided writing device, fill in the ovals next to the candidates and initiatives you want to vote for. Be certain to check the reverse side of the ballot. If you wish … Continued

How can I get an absentee voter ballot for every election?

The Kalamazoo Township Clerk’s office maintains a permanent absentee voter application list. Voters on this list will automatically receive an application to receive a ballot for every election. You still must fill out and return this application for every election in order to receive a ballot for that election. If you would like to be placed … Continued

How do I return my voted absentee ballot?

Place your voted, folded ballot into the gray secrecy sleeve, put the sleeve into the green return envelope and seal it, put return postage on the envelope and make sure you sign your ballot where indicated. To return your ballot by mail, place a first class stamp on the return envelope. Make sure to mail … Continued

How do I request an absentee ballot?

Any registered voter may request an absentee ballot without giving a reason. Voters may request an absent voter ballot or accessible voter ballot in a variety of ways. Voters can complete an online application at Michigan Online Absent Voter Ballot Application (state.mi.us) or submit an application, large print application, letter, or postcard to: Kalamazoo Township … Continued

Where is my polling place?

Go to: https://mvic.sos.state.mi.us/Voter/Index and fill in the information requested to find your polling place. A map of the voting precincts and polling locations in the Township of Kalamazoo can also be found here.

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