FAQ Topic: Property tax

What does “assessed value” mean?

Your Assessed Value represents approximately half of what the Township Assessor’s Office believes the property to be worth. Learn more about assessed values and taxable values.

How do I file for an extension on my tax payments?

Under the authority of Public Act 206 of 1893; MCL 211.51, you may find information and the application to request to defer your taxes on the Michigan Department of Treasury’s website. You must apply before the summer and winter tax due dates to receive an extension. You must submit your application to the Township for consideration. … Continued

When are my property taxes due?

Summer Taxes Summer tax statements are mailed by July 1 and are due no later than September 14. Winter Taxes Winter tax statements are mailed by December 1 and are due no later than February 14.

How can I pay my property taxes?

Pay Online Pay your current property taxes online through the BS&A Tax Online Payment Service. Pay at the Township Hall The township hall is open to the public during regular business hours to collect tax payments. Check payments are preferred, but cash is accepted. There is a dropbox located at the main entrance on the … Continued

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