FAQ Topic: Road & Sidewalk Maintenance

Am I responsible for shoveling snow on the sidewalk?

Property owners are responsible to maintain their properties’ adjoining sidewalks in good condition, clear of obstructions, including snow, ice, and overgrown vegetation. Please help the larger community by looking out for neighbors who may be physically unable to maintain their sidewalk.

Who is responsible for tree cleanup?

The Kalamazoo County Road Commission Tree Removal Policy indicates that the Kalamazoo County Road Commission will address trees that are found to be within the portion of the highway right-of-way that is designed for vehicular travel (i.e. a tree that falls within the traveled portion of the road) upon reasonable notice. Consumers Energy Tree Removal … Continued

Will the Township repair my damaged sidewalk?

The Charter Township of Kalamazoo offers a program to assist residential property owners with the replacement of sidewalk squares that are in disrepair. The Township may reimburse a property owner for 50% of the cost to repair sections of sidewalk determined by the Ordinance Enforcement Officer to be in disrepair. The maximum subsidy per parcel … Continued

Who is responsible for road maintenance?

The Kalamazoo County Road Commission is responsible for maintenance and construction of local roads.  The Township is responsible for non-transportation uses of road rights of way, subsurface rights of way usage (i.e. utilities and communication systems), and law enforcement. While townships in many other states have primary responsibility for local roads, in Michigan the county … Continued

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