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What is Kalamazoo Township doing to go solar?

Kalamazoo Charter Township and the Kalamazoo Area Building Authority (KABA) are committed to exceptional customer service related to solar permitting. Some key points regarding our commitment to solar energy: Residential solar permit applications will receive a streamlined review. You can apply for a building permit online using the Citizen Self-Service portal. If you do not … Continued

What is a permitted use on my property?

Property located within Kalamazoo Township is designated by a Zoning District, as part of the Zoning Ordinance. To determine what a permitted use would be for a given property, you need to know the Zoning classification, which can be found via Assessing records or by viewing the Township’s Zoning Map, located on the Township’s website.

Do I need a permit for this construction project?

Construction permits (building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing) are handled through the Kalamazoo Area Building Authority (KABA). Construction trade permits begin with KABA and are then subsequently routed to the Township for all applicable reviews. KABA can be reached at: 269-216-9511 or by visiting

Can I do work near the public roadway?

The public right-of-way (area between the edge of the street and the property line) is under the jurisdiction of the Road Commission of Kalamazoo County (RCKC). All work done in the public right-of-way requires approval from the Road Commission.

What are my building setbacks?

Building setbacks are dependent on the Zoning District in which the property is located. Building setbacks can be viewed in the Township Zoning Ordinance, Article 25.

Do I need a permit for a shed?

If the square footage of the shed is less than 200, no permit is required. A permit is required for a shed/detached accessory building that is greater than 200 square feet.

Does the township have a climate action plan?

Yes! Charter Township of Kalamazoo approved this living plan on May 9, 2022. Access the full action plan and learn more about what the township is doing to reduce our carbon footprint.

What is acceptable to put out for bulk trash pickup?

Regulations for Bulk Trash Pick Up ACCEPTABLE This pick-up is intended to help you get rid of the things you can’t fit in your trash container. It is not a substitute for garbage service If you have some smaller items they should be in a bin, box or clear heavy duty plastic bag, contents must … Continued

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