In our newsletter there was a mistake with the wording on Recreational Fires: The sentence that reads. Fire needs to be 25 feet within any structure. What was meant to say is fires need to be 25 feet away from any structure.   The Master plan for 2023  is on the Planning Zoning page for public participation.                                             

Zoning Board of Appeals


By the power of the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act (110) of 2006, the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) consists of five members and an alternate appointed by the Township Board. One member must be a Planning Commission member, and one member must be from the Township Board. The remaining ZBA members must be Township electors. Each member’s term is three years; unless filling a vacancy, all vacancies are filled for the remainder of the term. The ZBA hears and decides from any order, requirement, decision, or determination of any administrative official charged with zoning ordinance enforcement. It also hears and decides all other matters referred to it in the Township Ordinance. The Township may grant variances if practical difficulty or unnecessary hardship will result from conforming to the Ordinance, provided the spirit of the Ordinance is observed, public safety is secured, and substantial justice is done.  Hardships should not be self-created, and some unique circumstances involving the property in question should be evident to support a variance.

Board Membership

  • Shawn Blue
  • Frederick Nagler
  • Nicolette Leigh
  • Lisa Mackie
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