Climate Committee


In June of 2019, Kalamazoo Township Board of Trustees adopted a resolution “endorsing the declaration of a climate emergency and requesting regional collaboration on an immediate just transition and mobilization effort to restore a safe climate”. In the spring of 2021 a committee was formed to formulate a Climate Action Plan for the Township that will engage the entire community in an effort to reduce carbon emissions to as close to zero as possible no later than 2030.

Committee Membership

  • Mark Miller, chair
  • Dexter Mitchell, township manager
  • Jalen Gibson, township executive assistant
  • Ashley Glass, secretary
  • Lisa Maoiery, trustee
  • Denise Keele, township resident
  • Nicholette Leigh, township resident
  • Paul Southerland, township resident
  • Jennifer Drake, township resident
  • Tim Taser, township resident
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