Patrol Division

The Road Patrol is easily the most visible division within the department. The Patrol section enforces and investigates state laws and Kalamazoo Township ordinances. Officers patrol 11 square miles and are available to respond to calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Officers are scheduled to either 8 or 10-hour shifts and supply 24-hour police coverage.  Each of the four shifts; mid-nights, days, and 2 afternoon shifts are supervised by a shift sergeant.

The officers assigned to the patrol division are responsible for enforcing traffic laws on all Township roads.  This includes traffic enforcement and accident investigation.

Officers are also responsible for investigating all crime that occurs within the Township jurisdiction. Officers are trained to investigate crime and perform proactive patrol to prevent new crime from occurring.

Patrol Division Lieutenant

1 (269) 567-7523


Lieutenant Scott Jackson

Lieutenant Jackson began his law enforcement career with the Township of Kalamazoo Police Department in 2000.  He was promoted to Patrol Sergeant in 2012 and promoted to Patrol Lieutenant in 2018.  Lt. Jackson has served as an officer within TKPD's Community Policing Unit, as a SWET Narcotics Officer, and as a Field Training Officer.

Lt. Jackson has earned a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and Supervision from Cornerstone University, and he graduated from Northwestern School of Staff and Command in 2016.

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