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Professional Standards & Training

TKPD is committed to provide continuous, high-quality training that meets the needs of our officers and our community. Officers receive numerous hours of training in firearms, defensive tactics, scenario training, defensive driving, and other topics pertinent to police-related matters.

All TKPD officers receive a 40-hour Crisis Intervention Team (C.I.T.) training designed to help deescalate situations, particularly those involving people with mental health or emotional issues, and Fair and Impartial Policing (F.I.P.) training, which is designed to make officers aware of issues surrounding the implicit bias innate to all human beings. All TKPD sworn personnel also participate in Trauma-Informed Policing training. This advanced training helps officers understand the effect trauma has on all people and the officer’s role in helping individuals in the community during each interaction.

Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigations Unit (CIU) plays a key role in ensuring the Department provides quality service to our community by conducting thorough investigations of major crimes and cases of a longitudinal nature. For example, the CIU investigates cases ranging from fraud and home invasion to criminal sexual conduct and homicide. In addition to investigating these highest priority cases, TKPD CIU also plays a critical role in day-to-day operations, often serving as back-up to the Patrol Division and interfacing with the Court system as representatives of our Department.

Ordinance Enforcement

The TKPD Ordinance Enforcement Officer plays a key role in making the Township a great place to live, visit, and work. The stated goal of ordinance enforcement is to always strive to obtain compliance with Township ordinances from our community partners.

Cadet Program

The TKPD Cadet Program is a paid apprenticeship program that offers a wide scope of training and work assignments to individuals interested in a law enforcement career.  Through the TKPD Cadet Program experience, qualified men and women are provided the opportunity to experience the challenges and personal rewards of a police career.  Cadets receive training in areas including, but not limited to:

  • Fingerprinting
  • Communication with the court system
  • Subpoena service
  • Assist with training, including firearms & defensive tactics
  • Road patrol ride-along opportunities
  • Assist with criminal investigations & backgrounds
  • Assist with evidence processing

To learn more about the TKPD Cadet Program or to submit your application, click here.

Support Services Lieutenant

1 (269) 567-7523


Lieutenant Darien Smith

Lieutenant Darien Smith started his law enforcement career in 2002 and began working at TKPD in January of 2003. He has served in the Community Policing Unit, served as a detective on the South West Enforcement Team, and spent many years as a Field Training Officer.  Lt. Smith was promoted to Patrol Sergeant in 2011 and then to the Administrative Sergeant role in 2016.

Lt. Smith earned his Associate’s Degree from Kalamazoo Valley Community College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Western Michigan University.  He is also a 2021 graduate of the Michigan State University School of Staff and Command.

Township Ordinance Enforcement

1 (269) 567-7523 Ext. 137


Police Evidence & Property

1 (269) 567-7523 Ext. 277

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